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Straightforward, honest, expert Behavioral Healthcare advice. We are a Healthcare advisory group that focuses on compliance, mergers & acquisitions, and overall performance.

Hi There! We’re Behavioral Healthcare Ready.

Healthcare facilities face several challenges, one of which is navigating the complicated world of healthcare compliance. Because regulations and guidelines are constantly changing, it can be challenging for facilities to maintain an up-to-date knowledge base and guarantee that they are in full compliance. At Behavioral Healthcare Ready, we are aware of these challenges. We have committed to providing our customers with the direction and assistance they require to navigate this complex environment successfully.

Personalized Healthcare strategies for your present and future.

Our Team is comprised of experts in the Behavioral Healthcare space with experience in operating multi-facility and multi-state organizations.

Operational Excellance

With years of experience in the field, we are not ashamed to admit we’ve made mistakes and learned from them (so you don’t have to). Now we want to share our insights to support the success of you and your team.

Mergers and Aquistions

The BHR team has completed multiple mergers and acquisitions, both on the buy and sell side of the table. With our experience, we can guide your team through the M&A process, identify potential risks, and support execution.

Compliance Experts

The BHR team has completed hundreds of Joint Commission (TJC), Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and state-specific surveys.


BHR works from the ground up, licensing Behavioral Healthcare facilities in over 25 states. We teach the “why” behind compliance (so you don’t need to hire consultants again).


When it comes to achieving success in healthcare compliance, we believe that education is the most important factor. Because of this, we take a hands-on approach to teaching our customers, providing individualized training and development programs that are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual customer. We collaborate closely with our customers to determine the subject areas in which additional training is required and then design and implement individualized programs that explain the “why behind compliance” to employees.

Our strategy is based on being open and collaborative with one another, as well as having a genuine desire to see the success of our clients. We are confident that if we collaborate effectively, we will be able to improve outcomes for both patients and staff, all while maintaining compliance with regulations and standards governing the industry.

We Are Here To Help

If you are worried about being unable to cope with the complicated world of healthcare compliance, you shouldn’t be because we are here to assist you. At Behavioral Healthcare Ready, we place an intense amount of emphasis on assisting our customers in accomplishing their healthcare objectives. You will gain the ability to provide the highest possible level of care to your patients by learning everything there is to know about compliance from our team of seasoned consultants, who will teach you everything you need to know about compliance. Permit us to assist you in navigating the complicated world of healthcare compliance so that you can concentrate on what is truly important: providing exceptional care to those who have the greatest need for it.

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